Rational Animals, Irrational Humans
Rational Animals, Irrational Humans


  Aaron P. Blaisdell, Ludwig Huber, Allan Young, Shigeru Watanabe

PartI: Theoretical Considerations
1 Degrees of Rationality in Human and Non-Human Animals
  Ludwig Huber

2 On Becoming Approximately Rational: The Relational Reinterpretation Hypothesis
  Derek C. Penn and Daniel J. Povinelli

3 What Does it Mean to Observe Rationality?: A Philosophical Discussion
  Dominique Lestel

4 Mirror Neurons and the Rationality Problem
  Allan Young

PartU: Rational Choice
5 Learning about Absent Events in Human Contingency Judgments
  Leyre Castro, Edward A. Wasserman and Helena Matute

6 Rational Decisions: The Adaptive Nature of Context-Dependent Choice
  Alexandra G. Rosati and Jeffrey R. Stevens

7 Rationality in Animal Behavior: An Illustration Involving Categorization and Associative Learning
  Ruth Adam and Esteban Freidin

8 The Concorde Fallacy in Pigeons
  Shigeru Watanabe

Part III: Causality
9 The Role of Associative Processes in Spatial, Temporal, and Causal Cognition
  Aaron P. Blaisdell

10 Causal Knowledge for Events and Objects in Animals
  Amanda Seed and Joseph Call

11 Physical Reasoning in Infancy: Real Objects, Televised Objects and its Relationships between them
  Naoko Dan and Kazuo Hiraki

12 Perceptual Logics in a Comparative Perspective: The Case of Amodal Completion
  Kazuo Fujita and Tomokazu Ushitani

PartW: Insight and Reasoning
13 Exclusion Performances in Non-Human Animals: From Pigeons to Chimpanzees and back again
  Christian Schloegl, Thomas Bugnyar, and Ulrike Aust

14 How to Open the Door to System 2 : Debiasing the Bat and Ball Problem
  Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde and Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst

15 Dynamics of Insight Problem-Solving: Its Generative, Redundant, and Interactive Nature
  Hiroaki Suzuki

16 A Neural Mechanism Subserving Irrational Inference in Humans and its Possible Precursor in Japanese Monkeys
  Yumiko Yamazaki, Akitoshi Ogawa, and Atsushi Iriki

PartX: Social Cognition
17 Bonding, Mentalising and Rationality
  Auguste M.P. von Bayern and Nathan J. Emery

18 Gaze-Following in Human and Non-Human Primates: Insights from the Cueing-Paradigm
  Christoph Teufel, Dean M. Alexis, Greg Davis and Nicola S. Clayton

19 Impaired Social Cognition in Parkinson’s Disease
  Masaru Mimura
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