Reasoning and Cognition
Reasoning and Cognition


 - Yuichiro Anzai
Editors remark
 - Daniel Andler, Yoshinori Ogawa, Mitsuhiro Okada, and Shigeru Watanabe
Part I Human Reasoning and Inference Studies
1. How to Make a Participant Logical: the Role of Premise Presentation in a Conditional Reasoning Task
 - Jean-Baptiste Van Der Henst, Kinga Bujakowska, Carine Ciceron, and Ira A. Noveck
2. At the Crossroads of Logic, Psychology, and Behavioral Genetics:
Development of the Deductive Reasoning Test in the Keio Twin-BAROCO Project

 - Juko Ando, Chizuru Shikishima, Kai Hiraishi, Yutaro Sugimoto, Ryo Takemura, and Mitsuhiro Okada
3. Dual Processes Theories of the Mind and Rationality Assumptions
 - Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde
4. Cognitive Neuroscience for Deductive Reasoning and Inhibitory Mechanism: on the Belief-Bias Effect
 - Takeo Tsujii, Mitsuhiro Okada, and Shigeru Watanabe
5. Development of Logical and Illogical Inference
 - Yumiko Yamazaki, Kazuo Okanoya, and Atsushi Iriki

Part II Philosophical and Psychological Foundations of Reasoning and Cognition
6. Brain, Mind, Man, and Society: Naturalism with a Human Face
 - Daniel Andler
7. Unfolding Cognitive Capacities
 - Jacques Dubucs
8. About Learning as a Social Process: a Model Based on Luhmannユs Systems Theory
 - Gabriel Ruget
9. Mathematical Models of Cognitive Space and Time
 - Joseph Goguen
10. Evaluation and Intervention of Communication in Children with Autistic Disorders
 - Jun-ichi Yamamoto
11. Viewpoint or Standpoint?: the Artistユs Contribution to Cognitive Science
 - Wioletta Miskiewicz
12. Probabilistic Reasoning in Evolutionary Theory (Short Paper)
 - Ryota Morimoto and Yosaku Nishiwaki
13. Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism and Its Effects on Brain Plasticity (Short Paper)
 - Nozomi Naoi and Jun-ichi Yamamoto

Part III Brain Science and Comparative Studies of Reasoning and Cognition
14. Imaging Studies and Genetic Neurological Disease: Implications for Cognitive Science
 - Richard S. J. Frackowiak
15. Do Animals Have メTheoryモ?: Na夫e Biology in Pigeons
 - Shigeru Watanabe
16. Cortical Inefficiency in Low-Proficient Second Language Learners: a NIRS Study with Consonant Identification Test
 - Yasuyo Minagawa-Kawai and Shozo Kojima
17. Ethology as a Social Science, Ethology as a Cognitive Science & Situated Embodied Rationality
 - Dominique Lestel

Part IV Engineering and Information-Theoretic Aspects of Reasoning and Cognition
18. Immersive Communication between Human and Robot
 - Michita Imai
19. Hearing, Action, Space
 - Alain de Cheveign
20. The Dynamics of the Construction of Auditory Perceptual Representations: MEG Studies in Humans
 - Maria Chait and Jonathan Z. Simon
21. Control of Eye Movements in Reading Comics (Short Paper)
 - Taku Ishii, Takeharu Igaki, Takahide Omori, Keiko Kurata, and Naoe Masuda


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