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The Thought of Fukuzawa

To celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Keio-gijuku (Keio University) and to promote the spirit of its foundation globally, Keio University Press (hereafter KUP) is proud to announce the publication of the English translations of the major works of Fukuzawa Yukichi, the founder of Keio-gijuku. The spirit of Fukuzawa, which greatly influenced the development of modern Japan after the Meiji Restoration in 1868, could be an interesting subject for intellectuals from all over the world. With this publication, KUP hopes to reach many readers internationally and encourage the study of Fukuzawa Yukichi. This publication makes full use of the latest study results with specialists mainly from Keio University supervising the text.

An Outline of a Theory of Civilization
(Bunmeiron no gairyaku)

Revised Translation by David A. Dilworth and G. Cameron Hurst, III
Introduction by Inoki Takenori
November 2008

An Encouragement of Learning
(Gakumon no susume)

Revised Translation by David A. Dilworth
Introduction by Nishikawa Shunsaku
April 2012

The Autobiography of Fukuzawa Yukichi
(Fuku? jiden)


Fukuzawa Yukichi on Women and Family
Revised translation and with an introduction by Helen Ballhatchet
May 2009

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