The Thought of Fukuzawa Vol.1

An Outline of a Theory of Civilization (Bunmeiron no gairyaku)

Revised Translation by David A. Dilworth and G. Cameron Hurst, III
Introduction by Inoki Takenori
Price: JPY 3,200
Publication date: Nov 8, 2008
ISBN: 978–47664–1560–5
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In An Outline of a Theory of Civilization, Fukuzawa痴 purpose is to demonstrate how Japan needed to change in order to become a strong nation state capable of retaining its independence. Using a wide range of historical evidence and many humorous examples, he argues that the key differences separating Western countries from Japan, and Asia as a while, involve not material culture, but the extent to which people act as free and responsible individuals. (Excerpt from the back cover of An Outline of a Theory of Civilization.)


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