The Izutsu Library Series on Oriental Philosophy 1
The Way and Its Virtue

Translation/Annotation: Toshihiko Izutsu Contents
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Publication date: November 24, 2001
ISBN: 4-7664-0859-4 C3310
Hardcover 210mmx155mm 202pages
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Lao-tzu ; The Way and its Virtue translated and annotated by the distinguished scholar Toshihiko Izutsu, constitutes the first volume of the Izutsu Library Series on Oriental Philosophy. There have been innumerable philological studies on Lao-tzu , also known as the Tao Te Ching, and it has been translated into many languages. For Izutsu, who sought to illuminate the structure of Oriental philosophy, this English translation of Lao-tzu was only the beginning of his study of Oriental thought from a semantic standpoint. It is thus of more than mere philological interest.
Izutsu's English translation of the Lao-tzu takes previous philological scholarship fully into account and offers his profound insights and philosophical reflections.


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