The Keio University Hogaku-Kenkyu-kai Series 73
Victims and Criminal Justice
Asian Perspective

Edited by Tatsuya Ota
Price: JPY5,400
Publication date:July 7, 2003
ISBN: 4-7664-0983-3 C3032
Paperback 324pages
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The victim support movement has increasingly developed since the 1980s in Asia. Especially, the last decade has witnessed the growth of a widespread victim support movement to improve the plight and position of crime victims in the criminal justice systems. In addition to state compensation, many countries or regions have established or reformed support schemes for victims of crime, including domestic violence, child abuse and stalking. Some countries succeeded in amending the criminal procedure code and even the national constitution.
This book aims to provide an overview of the recent trends in victimology and victim support in each Asian country or region, namely Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. The themes are as follows:
  ・state compensation / restitution order / civil action
  ・legal status of victims / victim's rights
  ・victim support and protection
  ・restorative justice
This is the first attempt to introduce the victim support movement in these Asian countries widely to the world. Victims and Criminal Justice: Asian Perspective will be an essential resource for researchers, criminal justice officials and victim support volunteers.


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