Chapter 1 introduction: The Development of Victimology and Victim Support in Asia.
Chapter 2 Victims of Crime: A Critical Review of Essential Programmes in Hong Kong
Chapter 3 The Position of Victim Support Schemes in India
Chapter 4 Victimization in Indonesia: An Expensive Lesson
Chapter 5 Protection of Female Victim of Violence in Indonesia
Chapter 6 New Trends in Victim Support Scheme in Japan
Chapter 7 Victim Protection Mechanism of Korea: Legal Aspect and Reality
Chapter 8 Victim Support Systems in Malaysia
Chapter 9 Victims Support Schemes: The Philippine Perspective
Chapter 10 Victim-Offender Mediation, Making Amends and Restorative Justice in Singapore
Chapter 11 Crime Victim Protection Policy in Taiwan
Chapter 12 Community and Victim Participation in Criminal Justice Administration: The Thai Perspective
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