Economy and Management

Enhancing Market Functions in Japan

Edited by Naoyuki Yoshino,Shigehito Inukai and Nobusuke Tamaki
Price: JPY 4,800
Publication date: July 7, 2006
ISBN: 4-7664-1073-4 C3033
Hardcover 240mmx163mm 320pages
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 Theis book was produced based on a symposium titled, " Enhancing Market Functions in Japan," held under the auspices of the KEIO-NIRA Design Japan Committee.

 KEIO University was supported in this project "Asian Financial Crisis and Macroeconomics Policy Responce" by Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research (COE) from the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
 NIRA (The National Institute for Resarch Advancement) supported the project through its research program, "Japan's Deflation, Asian Defict Issues and Re-Designing of the Asian Bond Markets."

 This book provides an overview of the basic elements necessary for revitalizing Japan's economy and society. It also offers a design for a "Highly Qualified Market and Infrastructure."

 The first aim of this book is to review the main problems of the Japanese economy and find out the essential problem.
 Secondly, it classes the problems of the lingering degraded previous system and clarifies the way to deal with the problems.
 This book even aims to sketch the design of the new framework, by allowing the individual authors to put forward ideas related to their spesialized fields, in particular on the relationship of finance between government and local government, government loan and investment programs (FILP), tax system, public pension, monetaty policy, capital market, the regulation system of companies and the capital market.


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