Opening Remarks Takafusa Shinoya
Sessions:  A Broad Perspective on Japan's Fiscal Dedicit Problem
Sessions 1 Sustainability of Goverment Deficits in Japan: Including Trends in Local Government Finance
Takero Doi Toshihiro Ihori
Sessions 2
Japanese Tax Reform toward Vitalizing the Japanese Economy
Shigeki Morinobu
Sessions 3 Japanese Banks should be Proactive in Fostering the Asian Bond Market: A Machanism to Circulate Local Money within the Region is Required
Naoyuki Yoshino Shigehito Inukai
Sessions 4 Reform of Japanese Financial Capital Market Infrastructure and the Current Status of Asian financial Capital Markets
Shigehito Inukai
Sessions 5 Recent Changes in Retirement Benefits in Japan and Relevant Public Policy Issues
Masaharu Usuki
Sessions 6 Japan's Bubble: Monetary Stability and Structural Economic Reform
Huw Pill
Presentations:  Problems Related to Inflation and Deflation and the Economic and Social Structual Problem in Japan
Presentation 1 Fiscal Policy Embedded in Inflation Targeting
Nobusuke Tamaki
Presentation 2 On Investment of the Reserve Fund of Public Pension Programs
Nobusuke Tamaki
Presentation 3 Japanese Corporate Management: Status Quo and Programs
Naouki Togashi
Presentation 4 Conditions for Creating a New Japan: Proposals for Establishing an "Open Society of Trust and Independence" and Boundary-Crossinf Soft Infrastructure
Shigehito Inukai
Presentation 5 Results of Quantitative Analysis of Deflationary Factors Naoyuki Yoshino
Closinging Remarks Masako Egawa