If an Elephant Loses Weight, It is Still an Elephant
A Former Indian Ambassador to Japan Talks about Japan and His 43-year-relationship with the Country

Aftab Seth (Author)
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Publication date: May 20,2005
ISBN: 4-7664-1169-2 C0033
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Valuable and affectionate proposals from India to Japan
There was only one judge at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal who voted not guilty to the charges of war crimes against the Japanese wartime leaders—and he was Indian. Buddhism originated in India and made its way to Japan. Bollywood movies are now quite popular in Japan. It is well known that India has made eye-opening economic development over the past few years through its remarkable IT Industry.
India’s representative in Japan is Aftab Seth, the former Indian ambassador to Japan. Aftab Seth is, however, not only a diplomat who has seen service in nine countries, he is also a scholar and a poet. His connections with Japan stretch back more than 40 years, during which he has grown to love the country, the people, and the culture, particularly the works of the poet Sakutaro Hagiwara. Aftab Seth also specializes in political science, history and law; so he is a man who looks at a situation with an objective eye and makes a just decision based on the evidence he sees. Therefore, with his solid academic background and his deep knowledge and understanding of Japan, he is well qualified to offer an insight into and advice for the country. He does so in this book, which is filled with valuable and affectionate proposals for Japan.

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