Essays on Western Manuscripts and Early Printed Books in Keio University Library

Edited by Takami Matsuda
Price : JPY3,800
Publication date : March 31, 2005
ISBN: 4-7664-1154-4 C3000
Hardcover 240mm×160mm 214pages
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A collection of essays on medieval manuscripts (12th-c. MS of Augustine’s Sermones, 12th-c. Greek MS of Antiochos, 15th-c. Middle English religious MS [the Hopton Hall MS]) and 16th-c. books (Erasmus’ Lucubrationes, Kalender of Shepherdes) in Keio University Library. Contributors include: Claudia Rapp, Yukie Baba, Neil McLynn, A. S. G. Edwards, Mark Vessey, Takami Matsuda, and Satoko Tokunaga. With 25 B/W illustrations.

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