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How to Strengthen Banks and Develop Capital Markets in Post-Crisis Asia

Edited by: Naoyuki Yoshino,Masaru Yoshitomi,Sayuri Shirai,Yuichiro Nagatomi
Price: JPY 5,000
Publication date: July 26, 2006
ISBN: 4-7664-0998-1 C3033
Hardcover 240mmx163mm 242pages
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 This report is on the financial conference titled "How to Strengthen Banks and Develop Capital Markets in Post-Crisis Asia" held on June 6-7, 2002. ADB Institute, Keio University and PECC FMD, who share strong interesr in Asian economies and financial markets, jointly convenced the conference with a view to deepening discussion on strengthening financial systems in Asia. They welcomed spporoximately 100 participants from public, academic, and private sectors.
 Since the last crisism regional financial cooperation such as the Chaing Mai Initiative by ASEAN+3 has been undertaken to prevent future turmoil. PECC FMD, which has been motivated with financial regionalism, held a symposium in collaboration with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the World Bank in September 2001, and it dealt with a wide range of issues on financial regionalism. This conference was aimed at exploring the outcome in more concrete terms and examining the actual problems in each economy on the basis of a background paper, "Designing New and Balanced Financial Market Structures in Post-Crisis Asia? Propossals on How to Foster Bond Markets through Strengthening the Banking Sector" prepared bay the Asian Policy Forum and contribute to enhancing the financial system and more broadly, build a financial architecture in the region.
Yuichiro Nagatomi


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