Preface  i
  Shigeru Watanabe

Part I: Biological Basis

 1  Logic and Sensibility in Empathy: A Comparative View of Emotional   
   Responses to Emotional Expression in Conspecifics
   Shigeru Watanabe

 2  Kea Logics: How These Birds Solve Difficult Problems and Outsmart
   Mark O’Hara, Gyula K. Gajdon, and Ludwig Huber

 3  Social Place Avoidance Learning in Zebra Finches
   Tim Ruploh, Birte Schiffhauer, and Hans-Joachim Bischof

 4  Cognitive Neuroscience of the Mind and Personality
   Shozo Kojima

 5  Ultrahigh-Resolution Brain-dedicated PET-MRI Fusion Imaging
    Zang-Hee Cho, Young-Don Son, Hang-Keun Kim, Eun-Jung Choi,
    Jeong-Hee Kim, and Young-Bo Kim

 6  Brain Evolution for Logic and Sensibility
   Toru Shimizu

 7  Logic and Sensibility in Social Neuroscience’s “New Unconscious”
    Allan Young

Part II: Cognition and Culture

 8  Equivalence Relations of Reading, Writing, Comprehending and Expressing
    in Students with Developmental Disabilities
    Jun-ichi Yamamoto and Mikimasa Omori

 9  Two Modes of Processing in Visual Memory, Category Learning, and
   Judicial Judgment
   Yuji Itoh

 10 Ellsberg and Allais in the Brain: What Should Come Next in the
    Neurobiology of Decision-theoretical Paradoxes?
    Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde

 11 On “Homo educans Hypothesis
    Juko Ando

 12 Understanding Depression in Japan: The Rise of a Sociologic
    Junko Kitanaka

 13 Could Beethoven Have Been a Bird or Picasso a Fish? 
    Philosophical Problems of an Ethology of Art
    Dominique Lestel

Part III: Logic and Philosophy

 14 How We Are Sensitive to Beauty in the Brain?
    Hideaki Kawabata

 15 The Rendering of Cast Shadows: With a Focus on 15th Century
    Italian Painting
    Koichi Toyama

 16 The Art of Logos in Ancient Greece
    Noburu Notomi

 17 Bare and Indexical Existence: Integrating Logic and Sensibility in Ontology
    Lajos L. Brons

 18 Perceiving Abstract Objects: Inheriting Ohmori Shōzō’s Philosophy of
    Takashi Iida

 19 The Unexpected Projection of Some Presupposition Triggers
    Yael Sharvit and Shai Cohen

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