John F. Connolly, Shiro Ojima, Yukio Otsu, and Guillaume Thierry

Part 1: Genetics of Language
1 Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecules, Related with Autism, Are Associated with 
Foxp2-mediated Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalization Communication
Takashi Momoi and Eriko Fujita
2 Language Processing in Williams Syndrome:Insights from Event-related
Ana P. Pinheiro, Margaret Niznikiewicz, Óscar F. Gonçalves

Part 2: Evolution of Language
3 Constructive Modeling of Grammaticalization for the Origin and Evolution 
of Language
Takashi Hashimoto, Masaya Nakatsuka and Takeshi Konno
4 Emergence of Proto-language via Mutual Segmentation of Song Strings 
and Behavioral Contexts
Kazuo Okanoya
5 A Missing Design Perspective in I-linguistics
Cedric Boeckx

Part 3: Neuroscience of Language
6 Expected and Unexpected Effects of Foreign-language Proficiency:Brain 
Potential Studies
 Shiro Ojima
7 N170 Modulation is Expertise-driven: Evidence from Word-inversion Effects 
in Speakers of Different Languages
 Benjamin Dering, Noriko Hoshino, and Guillaume Thierry
8 Communicating with the Non-communicative: Assessing the Mental Life of
Non-verbal Individuals Using Neurophysiological Techniques
John F. Connolly

Part 4: Acquisition of Language
9 The Acquisition of Asymmetry between Scrambling and Topicalization in 
Tetsuya Sano
10 Preliminary Notes on Metalinguistic Development Concerning Syntactic 
Categories:Using Shiritori Word Game as a Tool
 Yukio Otsu

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