Part I Introduction
Chapter 1 Economic Analysis of Market Quality Makoto Yano
Chapter 2 Keio Household Panel Survey (KHPS): Outline and Purposes Yoshio Higuchi, Masakazu Kimura, and Michio Naoi
Chapter 3 Using Private-Sector Funding to Establish Fiscal Discipline: Improving Fiscal Policy Discipline by Introducing Revenue Bonds Naoyuki Noshino

PartII Panel Data Analysis of Market Quality
Chapter 4 Poverty Dynamics in Japan 2004-2006: Evidence from Keio Household Panel Survey Kayoko Ishii, and Atsuhiro Yamada
Chapter 5 Support for the Continued Employment of Women: The Effects of Labor Law Reforms and Macroeconomic Conditions Yoshio Higuchi

PartIII Market Quality in Labor and Financial Markets
Chapter 6 Policies to Create High Quality Labor Markets: From the Perspective of Law and Economics Yoshio Higuchi, and Ryuichi Yamakawa
Chapter 7 Towards an Ageism-free Labor Market in Japan Atsushi Seike
Chapter 8 Financial System Reform: Status and Issues Kazuhito Ikeo
Chapter 9 Financial Crisis and Japan's Lost Decade Mitsuhiro Fukao
Chapter 10 The Quality of Earnings and the Quality of Capital Markets Yukiharu Kurokawa
Chapter 11 Law and Economics of M&A Markets Makoto Yano, and Takashi Komatsubara

PartIV Rules that Support Markets
Chapter 12 From Firewood to Coal: Deforestation and the Development of the Silk Reeling Industry in Modern Japan S. Sugiyama, and Izumi Yamada
Chapter 13 A New Regime for High Quality Recycling in the East Asian Region Eiji Hosoda
Chapter 14 Law and Economics in the International Economy Fukunari Kimura, and Jiro Tamura
Chapter 15 Global Outsourcing and Japanese Trade Policy Ryuhei Wakasugi

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