Blake's Dialogic Texts

List of Illustrations

Part I The Early Illuminated Books
1 The Divine Image—A Study of Blake's Idea of God
2 ‘Pensive Queen'— Thel's Questions Reconsidered
3 Blake's Conception of Law: Some Indications of its Growth (1788–93)
4 The Proverbial Language of Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell
5 The Sorrows of Daughters of Albion: Oithona, Oothoon, and Mary Wollstonecraft
6 The Book of Ahania: A Metatext


Part II Songs of Innocence and of Experience

7 Visions of Inversion: Three of blake's Songs of Innocence Reconsidered
8 The Continuous Questioner—The Impasse of Deistic Reasoning in “The Tyger"
9 “The Sick Rose"—A Brief Critical History (1924–91)
10 Newtonian Influences in Songs of Experience


Part III The Last Prophetic Books

11 Self-Annihilation in Milton
12 Los, his Spectre, and the Gospel Virtues—A Central Conflict in Jerusalem
13 The Use of Aphorism in Blake's Jerusalem

Blake and Dante
—Forgiveness and Infinite Texts: A Conclusion

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