Author Affiliation

Professor Negishi, Takeshi (born in 1939; Ph. D. in Political Science) started his academic career in 1965, when the critical words on the then prevalent behavioralism were at their peak.  Also, the political and social influences of Marxism in Japan were considerable as exemplified in the 1960 political turmoil in Tokyo.  He took the sides of the critics in methodology and the anti-fundamentalism in politics. This orientation is reflected in the basic make-up of his later academic works.
   His methodology is characterized by the classification of all fields of academic activities, of both natural and social sciences, into one with concern to produce guidelines for problem-solving and another without it.  He builds his study of politics as a branch of the former type, upon the basis of his extensive yet rigorous analysis of the logical structure of problem-solving.
   His works include books and papers on such topics as: Methodology, problem-solving, the State, apportionment, construction of law, and democracy -- its definition, the logical structure, demonstration of its value, and its confrontation with fundamentalism.
   Professor Negishi has been affiliated to the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Keio University in Tokyo, since April 1965 through March 2005.