Author Affiliation

Dr. Naoyuki Yoshino is Professor of Economics at Keio University. He obtained his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, USA in 1979. His thesis supervisor was Sir Alan Walters who was Chief Economics Adviser to the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Professor Yoshino was a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was an assistant professor at SUNY at Buffalo before he joined Keio University in 1990. Since 1991, he is Professor of Economics at Keio University. He has written gPostal Savings and Fiscal Investment in Japanh(Oxford University Press, 2003).

Mr. Hidefumi Yamagami is Professor at School of Economics, Kinki University. He graduated from University of Tokyo in 1972 and joined the Bank of Tokyo. He obtained Master of Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley in 1977. At the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, he took the position of General Manager, Research Division in 1998. Subsequently leaving the bank, he became the professor in 2004. Recently, he also acted as Consultant for Asian Development Bank and Lecturer at Keio University. He is currently Member of Sectional Meeting, Tariff-Foreign Exchange Council of the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Wataru Takahashi is currently Director General, Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, the Bank of Japan. M. Phil. in Economics, University of Oxford in 1984. Lecturer, Tokyo Womanfs Christian University, 1999. Professor of Economics, Keio University, 2000-2002. Major publications are as follows: gThe East Asian economies after the financial crisis: a role of the Japanese yen? gIn H. Dobson and G. Hook ed. Japan and Britain Contemporary World, RoutledgeCurzon, July 2002. gConsumer Behaviour in Japan under Financial Liberalization and Demographic Changeh in M. Okabe (ed.), The Structure of Japanese Economy, Macmillan 1995(with Y. Kitamura)